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Gentz Sporting Arms is a speciality dealer of Syren products. Helping you select, order and setup Syren shotgun.

Shotguns for The Lady Competitor or Huntress

A New Era of Shotguns Made for Her

Syren shotguns offers a new era of products designed by women, for women. Beyond offering shotguns with adjusted dimensions and fit, they provide a comprehensive approach in offering education, resources, and events. Gentz Sporting Arms, as an authorized dealer, offers personalized advice and recommendations on the latest models to help you find the perfect shotgun. A comfortable and confident shooting experience is offered with Syren, available through Gentz Sporting Arms.

Should You Adjust to Your Gun, Or Should it Adjust to You?

Where Comfort and Performance Align

Instead of conforming to your firearm, Syren Shotguns are meticulously designed to conform to you, ensuring a flawless fit and unparalleled shooting experience. Crafted with the needs of women shooters in mind, these shotguns offer exceptional comfort, balance, and control.

Every detail, from stock dimensions to recoil management, is purposefully engineered to enhance your shooting performance. Choose Syren Shotguns through Gentz Sporting Arms and experience the seamless fusion of form and function.

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Ordering a premium rifle or shotgun should be a pleasure.

We're one of the only Minnesota or Wisconsin Gun Shops that carry inventory of Gunwerks, Caesar Geurini, Fabarm, Syren and other premium shotguns and rifles.

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For Women Who Demand the Best

Experience Unmatched Quality & Fit

Gentz Sporting Arms is proud to offer Syren Shotguns, the premier brand designed specifically for women who demand the best. With an unwavering commitment to quality and fit, Syren products provide a shooting experience unlike any other.

Their shotguns are crafted with the highest attention to detail, ensuring maximum comfort, accuracy, and reliability. As an authorized dealer, we offer access to the latest models and personalized advice to help you find the perfect shotgun. Discover Syren with Gentz Sporting Arms.

Superior Performance & Comfort

The Best of Both Worlds

At Gentz Sporting Arms, we offer Syren products, the perfect combination of superior performance and comfort designed specifically for women. Their shotguns are crafted with women in mind, providing a comfortable and an exceptional shooting experience tailored for her. With a wide selection of models and styles to choose from, women can find a shotgun that meets their needs and preferences. Trust Syren and Gentz to provide the perfect shotgun.