Revolutionize Your Shooting with Leupold Optics

Gentz Sporting Arms is a dealership of Leupold Optics. We help people select, order and setup Leupold Optics scopes and rangefinders.

Performance, Boldly Redefined

Get the Edge You Need

Discover the ultimate in performance with the boldly redefined Leupold Optics, Scopes, and Rangefinders. Their cutting-edge technology and precision engineering set them apart from the competition, delivering unparalleled clarity, accuracy, and reliability. Whether you're a serious shooter, a competitive athlete, or a hunting enthusiast, Gentz will provide you Leupold's premium optics, giving you the edge you need to succeed. Experience the difference for yourself and see your shooting potential soar.

Dominate The Skies

Relentless Precision & Clarity

Experience the thrill of the hunt with Leopold Optics that give you the edge you need. Gentz Sporting Arms offers Leupold premium optics which deliver relentless precision and clarity to help you dominate the skies. Every detail is sharp and vivid, providing unmatched accuracy and performance in the field. Don't just hunt, dominate the skies with the unbeatable Leupold optics, scopes, and rangefinders.

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Ordering a premium rifle or shotgun should be a pleasure.

We're one of the only Minnesota or Wisconsin Gun Shops that carry inventory of Gunwerks, Caesar Geurini, Fabarm, Syren and other premium shotguns and rifles.

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Get On Target

Hone Your Skills With Leupold Optics

Maximize your shooting potential with precision optics that give you the edge you need. Leupold is a premium optic, scope, and rangefinder manufacturer, and are designed to help you hone your skills and take your shooting to the next level. With unmatched accuracy and clarity, every shot hits its mark.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Gentz Sporting Arms has Leupold's weather-proofed and lightweight precision optics giving you the confidence to succeed. Don't settle for less, get on target with their unbeatable optics.

Get the Trophy You Deserve

Leupold Optics For the Ultimate Hunting Success

Leupold Optics scopes deliver outstanding optical performance, with crystal-clear images at all magnifications and no distortion around the lens edges. Featuring an illuminated reticle and exceptional low-light performance, the Leupold scope helps you close the deal in even the toughest conditions. With minimized glare and superior performance in bright light, you'll be ready for anything. Choose Gentz Sporting Arms Leupold Optics for the ultimate hunting success.