About Gentz Sporting Arms

Serving others how I'd like to be served.

After nearly a decade of working in a popular gun store, I had built a "business within a business" by guiding passionate outdoorsman to select, order and setup the premium firearms I'd come to love.

I found myself in an amazing place with manufacturers, clients & conservation organizations. Gentz Sporting Arms was the result of these experiences with a mission to provide the absolute best experience in the industry.

We Exist to Serve You

Providing The Best Experience Possible in Firearms & Optics.

We love helping passionate people navigate the intricacies of choosing the world's finest, and most cared-for firearms, and then making sure that they get the best experience possible. It's a lofty pursuit, but we try to ensure every customer gets world-class service.

The Firearm and Service of a Lifetime

Selecting, ordering and setting up these firearms is daunting, we exist to make it as easy as possible, so you can simply enjoy the experience.

What we bring to the table:

  • Deep product knowledge & expertise

  • Powerful relationships with vendors & manufacturers

  • Vast experience setting up & servicing these brands